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Basic service information:

  • We provide FP training

  • We conduct free FP audits

  • We provide FP documentation

  • Professional training of fire patrols

  • We carry out preventive fire inspections within set deadlines

  • We carry out inspections of fire – technical equipment


Service description:

The performance of the Fire Protection Technician’s activities is carried out by contractors on the basis of a contract. Each business partner is assigned its own Fire Protection Technician who performs all the necessary FP tasks. These tasks include in particular :

  • Initial FP health audit (carried out at the start of our operations),
  • development of internal guidelines and implementation of the OPP management system,
  • training of employees, supervisors in OHS,
  • training of members of fire patrols,
  • preventive fire inspections at agreed intervals (at least 1 x every 6 months),
  • updating of internal OPP guidelines,
  • regular evaluation of the effectiveness of the OPP system.

As a result of our work (contractor Fire Protection Technician activities), we have reduced the number of small fires and improved your company’s compliance with fire safety regulations. Reduction of your costs for the eventual elimination of the causes of fires and, undoubtedly, an increase in labour productivity.

Fire protection documentation:

The preparation of fire safety documentation is one of the basic obligations of the employer under the FP. We will help you meet this obligation by preparing and delivering the mandatory documentation within the agreed timeframe.

Basic documentation :

  • fire identification card,
  • fire log book,
  • fire alarm directives,
  • fire evacuation plans – text part,
  • fire alarm directives – graphic part,
  • the thematic and temporal scope of staff training,
  • the thematic and temporal scope of the training of members of fire patrols,
  • list of fire patrol members,
  • fire regulations for workplaces,
  • welding instructions,
  • instructions for gluing floor coverings
  • other documentation:
  • fire lock operating logs,
  • instructions for organising a fire drill,
  • other.

We will supply the documentation once in hard copy. If you are interested in the basic documentation or any of the other documents, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the details.

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