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Basic information

  • We will prepare the OSH plan, ensure its continuous updating, supplementation and management

  • We inform contractors of safety and health risks on site,

  • Ensure coordination during preparation and during construction,

  • Carry out site inspections together with suggestions for measures and solutions,
  • Organize and conduct inspection days to ensure compliance with the OSH plan on site,
  • Participate in clarifying the causes and circumstances of workplace accidents on the construction site.

Service description

The OSH coordinator is a professionally qualified person whose task is to ensure health and safety during the preparation and implementation of the construction for the construction client. He coordinates the activities of individual contractors on the construction site through the OSH plan and technological and working procedures, including risks. It cooperates with the competent persons of the individual contractors. He is the preparer of the OSH plan during the preparation of the construction, which he subsequently updates during the construction. The presence of the coordinator on site leads to a reduction in the number of construction accidents. 

Slovak Republic Regulation No 396/2006 Coll. prescribes the obligation for each builder (investor) to appoint one or more safety coordinators if more than one employer or more than one person who is an entrepreneur and not an employer will be operating on the construction site.

The OSH coordination shall consist of :

  • The OSH Coordinator will process a Notice to Proceed for the relevant labour inspectorate according to the construction site,
  • Provides advice and consultation to minimize risks and suggestions for preventive measures,
  • Provides advice on negotiations with government authorities in the framework of OSH and OHS on the construction site,
  • Conducts breath tests to detect the presence of alcohol,
  • For the needs of preparation of the construction implementation and subsequent use of the construction, it will process additional documentation of OSH and OHS,
  • Provides assistance in completing the “accident report”,
  • Participates in construction management meetings, construction coordination meetings and construction investor’s inspection days,
  • Draws contractors’ attention to deficiencies in the application of OSH requirements.