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Basic information about the service:

  • We perform fire extinguisher filling, repair and pressure test

  • We perform fire extinguisher inspection,

  • We provide sales of fire extinguishers of all types

  • We provide accessories for fire extinguishers

  • We will supply you with fire extinguishers according to your requirements.

Service Description:

We perform inspections, repairs and complete service of fire extinguishers.

By mutual agreement, we will perform a fire extinguisher inspection on your premises. All fire extinguishers that will be operable for firefighting will be sealed and marked with a fire extinguisher inspector’s label according to the cited ordinance. A certificate of each inspection will be made in accordance with the aforementioned ordinance.

We carry out:

  • pressure test
  • filling
  • repair of your fire extinguisher
  • inspection

We will inspect your fire extinguishers according to the latest legislative requirements. We will alert you before expiry of the need to carry out an inspection, repair or pressure test of your extinguisher.

Of course, we will include a label with the year and month of the inspection and information about the date of the next inspection.  The service also includes a certificate of the fire extinguisher test performed.

Fire extinguishers are inspected according to § 21 and § 22 of the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic No. 719/2002 Coll. at least once every 12 months, or once every 24 months, if the manufacturer specifies it.

We can provide you with the sale of mobile fire extinguishers and portable fire extinguishers of all types :

  • powder
  • foam
  • CO2
  • Water

And of course we can also provide spare parts, boxes and cabinets for fire extinguishers, spare accessories.